Staple & Hue - Case Study


Pioneering the industry of staple fashion is creator, not follower, Sera Bagnall, Director and Designer of Staple and Hue.
Crafting for the conscious consumer, Staple and Hue uphold a vision that refuses trend and mass-production - establishing the tagline - Wear with care, your future needs you.
Envisioned in Australia & Revered Worldwide.

The Goal


Sera wanted to clean up her overall brand identity and communication tone. Wanted to drive customer loyalty and create demand and a clear point of difference in a saturated market.




Phase 1 - Copywriting Execution Only Engagement:


Initially, Pland was engaged to execute Product Descriptions, refresh website copy and commence campaign story-telling. This helped to open the storytelling conversation with the S&H Audience. Our First Campaign Story was the Earth Capsule. (MAR 21) 


Phase 2 - Marketing Campaign Strategy:


After the successful Earth campaign, we worked on delivering the next Staple & Hue Infinity Capsule.
In this project, our intent was to educate our audience on the slow fashion nature of S&H and their stance on consumption.
  1. Campaign Story
  2. Signature Tagline: "Wear with care, your future needs you." (Used on the Staple Crewneck and across other product SKU's)
  3. Introduction and Setup of The Staple Project; a unique project that donates $5 to Breast Cancer from every order. 
  4. Product Description Copy
  5. Email Marketing Copy & Direction: Campaign, Blog & Lifestyle EDM's


Phase 3- Overall Brand Identity & Strategic Direction Transition (Current Project):


Our new phase was a full review of the overall brand direction, reviewing competitors, analysing consumers, customer profiling and forecasting trends. We analysed the international market and brand positioning to future proof the S&H label. We conducted a full evaluation of the S&H brand and conceptualised the new direction for the brand. We delivered on an overall strategic plan to evolve the S&H brand to ensure we future-proofed, created a strong point of difference, provided space for growth in the marketplace. This allows S&H to play in their own lane and become a pioneer.
  1. Competitors Analysis
  2. Market & Trend Analysis
  3. International Analysis
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Customer Profiling
  6. Strategic Pitch Deck: Moodboard & Aesethic Guide




"I would describe my experience with pland as informative and empowering. pland bridged the gaps in every area that I was uncertain in or wanted to grow towards - from costings and inventory management, strategy and goal-planning, marketing, brand storytelling, copywriting. Staple and Hue really needed financial clarity and structure so that I could feel confident in progressing my business forward. pland studio put everything in perspective - my vision has never been more evident, and I have never been more excited."
Sera Bagnall, Creative Director