• pland Legacy Guide - A Guide to Budget Building - business financial advice and budgeting resource
  • pland Legacy Guide - A Guide to Budget Building - business financial advice and budgeting resource


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If you sell products, you need this guide.
Much to the dismay of the creative mind, a retail model is a business undertaking before it is an artistic venture. After working with hundreds of businesses and pinpointing the areas of concern, we have developed a simple and affordable set of templates based on our Founder's background as a public practice accountant.
Financial figures drive your business, and understanding how to manage the flow of such is crucial to a thriving brand.
Whether you are emerging and setting up the backend of your business or looking to scale your established brand, this guide will provide the clarity you need to make future-proofed decisions.

This Guide includes the following and more:
  • PDF Format (Downloadable)
  • How to build a personal budget;
  • How to manage a business budget;
  • The importance of developing compatible accounts.
We recommend this Guide for:
  • The booked and busy business owner, with little time to spend trawling through jargon and little money to spend on a third-party accountant;
  • Aspiring business owners who are wanting a peek behind the curtain of business financial matters.
This guide is the start of a series - consider this your introduction to budgeting and business terminology. In subsequent guides, we will assess the need for more detail in your product costings, price products, and talk through cash flow forecasting and scenario planning for scale and expansion.

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Success needs direction. Consider it pland.