• pland Legacy Guide - A Guide to Aesthetic Tonality - visual branding resource
  • pland Legacy Guide - A Guide to Aesthetic Tonality - visual branding resource


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Is your brand sleek, dark, and smooth as silk, or is it light, bright, and cheerful? Is it highly graphical or photography-based? What colours best convey your brand identity?

No matter your answer, first impressions matter - this Guide is your key to making a great one.

The visual appearance of your brand is one of the primary features to attract attention and draw in potential customers. You have the tools to establish a distinctive tone through style and design choices, the tools to demonstrate and develop your brand identity.

Thoughtful decision making as to how your content looks is a means of controlling perceptions of your brand. From your colour scheme to imagery to type font, how your brand makes people feel must be consistent, memorable, and appealing to your target audience.

This Guide includes the following and more:

  • PDF Format (Downloadable);
  • How to curate a cohesive aesthetic identity;
  • How to define your colour, typography, imagery, and motif choices;
  • How to convey your brand aesthetic through your website.

We recommend this Guide for:

  • Business owners who are looking to refine and design the appearance and tone of their brand, without needing to outsource.
  • Beginning graphic designers wanting to understand the principles of visual branding.
  • Marketing professionals building a comprehensive understanding of branding and aesthetic tone. 

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