by Emily Coogan

It's a new year and you know what that means - turning over new leaves, fresh starts, new beginnings, and plenty of planning. To give you that business turbo boost into 2022, here are the four trends to keep your eye on over the next 12 months.

1. Word-of-mouth is the word

This seems like a weird one to start this list with, particularly in the digital age, however we trust peer reviews and word-of-mouth now more than ever.

Aimlessly spending your marketing budget on paid advertising is no longer the way to go and it's time to direct your attention towards meaningful storytelling and customer-based responses. 

Think influencer gifting, community reviews on social media, testimonials displayed alongside products - anything that highlights real customer experiences with your business.

2. Lights, camera, action 

Storytelling is more important now than ever, and visual modes are taking over business and social platforms. Combining the two notions means you need a brand video.

Put your business front and centre in your customer's imagination by showing them. Remember that it's THEIR experience is what matters here - you'll need to ensure your brand video relates in some way to your target audience.

3. Creativity is key

Branding will been taken up a notch this year and it's all about creative experiences that don't feel blatantly sales-y. The relationship between customer and business needs to feel effortless yet creative, honed through a thoughtful brand persona.

Creative business in 2022 looks like branded memes, casual comments, and a social presence that feels like a real person rather than a media team. Humanising your business via a more personal front will open storytelling doors into 2022 and beyond! 

4. Go with the Metaverse motions

2022 is calling for businesses to bridge the gap between what's physical and digital and the Metaverse is the perfect place for such. We currently live in a hybrid online/offline world which ensures connection on a new scale.

Entertainment and gaming industries are leading the way in the Metaverse, creating new opportunities for people to engage with businesses and for businesses to leverage augmented reality, virtual products, and immersive experiences. 


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