by Emily Coogan

It’s that time of year when the who’s who of Australian fashion descends on Sydney for the annual Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

A fashion observer’s dream, Carriageworks was crawling with the latest looks to covet and styles to steal. Here are the trends that have emerged from the latest episode of street-side styling.

1 Jeans & A Nice Top

If there’s one thing we’ll never stray from, it’s the jeans and a nice top phenomenon. Our latest peek into the wardrobes of the country’s fashion elite has revealed a neat contrast between the casual history of jeans and the flourish of a decorative torso. 2023 has ushered a new look for jeans, with wider cuts and bagginess taking the denim cake. As for the nice tops, leather, lace and macrame braved the autumnal chill to grace our wrap-ups.

2 Dressed To Layer

If anything is challenged at AAFW, it’s the typical format of an outfit. While a dress or skirt over pants initially spurs memories of 2007, fit-scaping took an exciting turn in 2023 as layering became the most weather-friendly option. Texture clashing, colour blocking and stylish modesty made for cohesive outfits around the sartorial traps. 

3 Denim on denim on denim (on denim)

Whether it’s a Canadian tux or the staple jacket you’ve had for years, layers of denim stole the pre-show show. There’s always a place for denim in the style calendar, from the runway to the street to the red carpet down the track. Recent takes on the look included jorts, upcycled sets, corsets and a rosette or two. 

4 Tied Up

While suits, Oxford shirts and tailoring are mainstays of the Fashion Week circuit, this year’s street style cohort has revived the neck tie. Since taking over the latest Paris scene, it was only natural that the tie made its home in Australia. In one swift season, the latest it-accessory has transcended the 9-5 and successfully defied its affiliations with the corporate realm. 

5 High Volume

This year, we’re taking dressing to new heights (or widths, lengths). Perhaps encouraged by a post-pandemic mindset or the social uptake of dopamine dressing, minimalism lost its footing to dimension. In spite of a looming recession, the FROW was packed with frills, layers, sleeves and billowing textiles, proving that fashion will always prevail.

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