We're setting our sights on elevating the fashion and lifestyle world with innovative and impactful strategies.⁠

The Elevate Business Development Course is your 101 guide to understanding the foundations of entrepreneurial business.⁠

- Brand Identity⁠
- Marketing Strategy⁠
- Unique Positioning⁠
- Competitor Analysis⁠
- Understanding Gross Profit Margins⁠
- Business Budgets⁠
- Operation Chain⁠
- Technology, Innovations and Optimisation⁠
- Inventory Planning⁠
- Cashflow Forecasting

Delivering you a complete business plan and five-year roadmap. pland works with you to create the structure and clarity you need to transform your business into a legacy.⁠

The future of your business looks bright with pland in the picture.

Our next Elevate intake will commence in January 2022.

Success needs direction, so consider it pland.