Made for tastemakers and troublemakers alike, Merchants of the Sun creates jewellery for the adventurer. Each piece and ensemble is imbued with a laidback feel, designed to withstand the test of time and be worn while memories are made. Expressions of the natural world reflect the brand's commitment to sustainability in both products and business practices, growing to become a space where conscious creativity thrives.


Staple & Hue takes create premium basics with an edge to a new level. Subtle yet striking shapes walk the line between sweet and sensual, as boldness meets femininity. Between purposeful creations and limited collections, Staple & Hue excels in all of utility, style and quality.


Designed for movement and fit for anything, Paris & I inspire strength in every step, skip, and set. Founders Paris and Samantha are devoted to crafting athleisurewear for the endless adventure of womanhood, uplifting ambitious bodies through mindfully created fashion, no matter the journey. 


Art meets jewellery in Mercii, a brand offering adornments of wearable gratitude. Inspired by connection and balance, Mercii's ensembles epitomise core elements of humanity and harmony. Exquisite and timeless pieces evoke a sense of escape, transporting the wearer away from the day-to-day and into the cosmos.


Grounded and classic, Bouquet embodies confidence in simplicity. Tailored yet relaxed silhouettes meet raw accents and functional finishes to create a fusion of art and design. Bouquet channels a spirit of rebellion and a boundless commitment to innovation in the fashion space.


Beautifully elegant and powerfully feminine, Isabelle Quinn creates fashion for romantics. Each piece exudes serenity straight from a dreamscape, complete with alluring details and thoughtful fabrication. Made for the contemporary woman, Isabelle Quinn uplifts and empowers individuality through sophisticated styles.




Immortalising every precious moment in a wearable keepsake is The Wild Phoenix, with jewellery that empowers and connects women with their innermost self - symbols of who you are. All pieces are made with care, designed and adored on the Gold Coast, crafted responsibly in Indonesia.




Xpressed Juices


Feeling wise? Playful? Creative? Meet Xpressed Juice - that is, juice with feeling. Xpressed Juice provide cleanses, wholesale, and individual serves of the best 100% natural cold-pressed juice around (we're not biased, we swear). The health of the body and function of the mind form the crux of the company, as leaders in their field.


The Ocean Club


Merchants of trades and treasures, The Ocean Club defines a space for creators to individually thrive within a collective hub - curating an exclusive vendor for local makers. Inspired by the theory of the commons, The OC set out to deliver a local one-stop-shop of trade and business services to benefit all members of the Gold Coast district.