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Isabelle Quinn - Poppy Collection


  • Financial and Inventory Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Storytelling and Product Description Copywriting


Introducing our Poppy Collection - For the wildly whimsical and liberated woman.
Captivating you with her playful spirit and courageous disposition, everywhere Poppy goes, life blooms.  Wrapped in kindness and dipped in curiosity, you will find Poppy in blushed cheeks, the petals of Spring, and every hue in an afternoon sunset. 
Featuring our dreamy paddle-pop marble tie-dye, soft white and plush powder pinks, these wardrobe must-haves are sure to complement all seasons.
We created Poppy to inspire all women to be extraordinarily and unapologetically themselves - to do whatever sets your heart on fire, whatever brings you to life.
Just as the flower blooms no matter the soil, Poppy shows us to create a beautiful world, we must first grow inside wherever life takes us.
Made with love,
Isabelle Quinn x
Isabelle Quinn - Poppy Collection
Isabelle Quin - Poppy Collection