Oakview Financial - Case Study


Oakview combines the financial genius of two individuals, both committed to creating a refreshing atmosphere focused on customer relationships and worthwhile experiences. The Directors were fresh to the business scene and required a strategic partner to help scale and grow.

The Goal

First and foremost, Oakview needed a business plan. On top of a solid foundation, our objective was to build strong systems that could be replicated for scale, also developing clearly defined responsibilities between the two partners as well as an accountability partner to keep everyone on track.


Phase 1 - Build the Strategy (6 months):
Implemented a full Business Plan, simultaneously providing long-term guidance and improving efficiency. At this time we set ambitious goals, of which we have achieved all within the first two years. Goals included paying out a previous investor, streamlining the business model, automating manual processes, cutting the planning process from 6-8 hours to 2 hours, and creating a system that became instantly profitable.
Phase 2 - Ongoing Consultancy (6 months):
Ongoing consultancy allowed us to keep the two business partners accountable and ensure they were constantly motivated to continue pushing forward. We changed marketing tactics and improved the gross margin by 20%. Overall these improvements changed the game for this business - we developed a signature Pod system that allowed us to create a highly optimised structure that was easily replicable.
Phase 3 - Employee & Business KPIs (6 months):
Implemented key KPIs and employee reward/benefit programs and quarterly performance reviews. We are moving toward an employee share scheme and ultimately have created a business dashboard to monitor ongoing performance and metrics for all areas of the business. Both directors will be off the "tools" within the next 6 months and have increased their salaries to $100K + Benefits each.


Oakview grew from $15,000/month to $115,000/month in one year to $300,000/month in the year following. This amounts to a month-on-month growth rate of 20%, where Net Profit sits at 20%.
The team grew from two founders and one admin staff to 10 employers, plus the 2 founders and 3 marketing teams.