"I would describe my experience with pland as - informative and empowering. pland bridged the gaps in every area that I was uncertain in or wanted to grow towards - from costings and inventory management, strategy and goal-planning, marketing, brand storytelling, copywriting.
Staple and Hue really needed financial clarity and structure so that I could feel confident in progressing my business forward.
pland studio put everything in perspective - my vision has never been more evident, and I have never been more excited."


"pland enabled us to hit $1,000,000 in our first year of business.
pland helped me grow my team from two to five people in the last three months and assisted in increasing our monthly turnover by 250% from October 2020 to March 2021. From March 2021 to Sept 2021, we have retained them on a consultancy agreement, enabling our business to execute on our 5-year roadmap and 2.5x our monthly revenue again last month, whilst not compromising on our profit margins.

Courtney and Peyton gave me the tools to prepare Merchants for scaling to avoid growing pains when advancing our business.

pland realised and believed in my vision to building my sustainable label; together, we created an action plan to make this reality possible - now we are on track to becoming one of the leading environmentally conscious jewellery brands in the industry.

I would without a doubt recommend pland to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level"


"Three words to describe pland:
  • Confident;
  • Structured;
  • Exciting.
We needed everything - The Ocean Club was an idea with no roadmap. The girls at pland gave us the tools to implement what we needed for our business and turned our vision into a reality.
What pland nailed for us was providing a short-term strategy that aligned with our goals and a long-term plan to look forward to into the future. I would never have to pitch pland studio to anyone - the proof is in the pudding - working with the girls has provided massive achievements for us already, and it's only the beginning.
The Ocean Club wouldn't be what it is today without pland."


"We knew pland was the right fit for us from our first coffee together.
Our collaboration is effortless - when you find partnerships that not only believe in your vision but encourage the direction, you do everything you can to keep those people around.
pland knew our goals and developed strategies to not only achieve but exceed the industry benchmark - we didn't want to be another agency with a voice in the conversation, we wanted to be what they were talking about.
Operating as advertisers, it was important that we gained entrepreneurial clarity, acquiring the confidence to translate that skill set within our own work. Your advertising experts must know your brand but also understand your business."