The Ocean Club - Case Study

The Ocean Club Mermaid Beach Kitchen Interior Showroom



The brainchild of Co-Directors and creative masterminds Madison and Reuben, the Ocean Club is a Gold Coast-based marketplace for industry professionals, trades, architects, developers, designers, and renovators to showcase and browse the wares of local makers. The space triples as a showroom, creative studio, and event hall to host local businesses, photoshoots, and community events


The Goal

Madi and Reuben came to pland with the idea of creating a collaborative showroom for trades, wanting to understand how to create and commercialise their vision.



Phase 1 - ELEVATE Business Plan (3 months):

Initially, pland was engaged to sit down with Madi and Reuben to develop a business plan for The Ocean Club. This involved everything from refining the target market, creating a brand identity, monetisation strategy, and overall back of house planning (incl. accounting, HR, copywriting, inventory, outsourcing legal advice). We built out a full, streamlined business plan and marketing strategy to ensure a profitable and multi-use space.


  1. Lean Canvas
  2. Competitors Analysis
  3. Market & Trend Analysis
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Customer Profiling
  6. Value Chain Analysis
  7. Software/Tech Review
  8. Organic Social Media Strategy
  9. Budgets (personal & business)
  10. Rolling goals 12 months


Phase 2 - Execution Phase:

During this next phase, we were working to get The Ocean Club well and truly operating. This involved the creation of pitch decks, website copy, brand videos, email marketing, press releases, and launch events. Our goal was to realise the vision created through mutual collaboration and marketing efforts. We successfully won a Small Business Grant for $10K to assist the team in bringing their dream to life. Following this poing, we assisted in setting up and coordinating all technology required to facilitate a seamless customer experience. The team signed 10 Mavericks (trades) on a monthly fee and has already seen a significant ROI for most of these businesses.


Phase 3 - Accountability (Scale & Grow):

pland is currently engaged on a consultancy basis to assist in marketing strategy and financial organisation. Further efforts include:
  • Assisting to generate leads and revenue in conjunction with a specialised Ads Team.
  • Direction and support regarding budgeting and financial forecasting.
  • Creating stability, growth, and scalability in Madi and Reuben's new business venture.



Timeframe: 12 months
Madi and Reuben walked away with a full business plan and marketing strategy, allowing them to devote focus to building the space. Within 2 months of launch, they grew their social media presence from 0 to 3,258 followers with 115 active newsletter subscribers.



"Three words to describe pland:
  • Confident;
  • Structured;
  • Exciting.


We needed everything - The Ocean Club was an idea with no roadmap. The girls at pland gave us the tools to implement what we needed for our business and turned our vision into a reality.
What pland nailed for us was providing a short-term strategy that aligned with our goals and a long-term plan to look forward to into the future. I would never have to pitch pland studio to anyone - the proof is in the pudding - working with the girls has provided massive achievements for us already, and it's only the beginning.
The Ocean Club wouldn't be what it is today without plans."
-Madison Browne, Director