Who We Are

Let's cut to the chase and get to know the cogs and wheels that keep the pland machine ticking.

A small team with huge creative aptitude, Courtney, Peyton, Channa-Mae, and Emily drive the innovation and ideas to transform your business into a legacy brand.


Courtney Hutchins - Founder and Director, pland Business Studio - About Us



COURTNEY (she/her)


Bachelor of Commerce, Bond University 2014
Certified Chartered Accountant 2014

Courtney is our Managing Director and the Founder of pland. After noticing a lack of individualised and consumer-oriented business planning assistance, Courtney's problem-solving nature kicked into gear and pland was born - the ultimate clarity course for creatives.

Game-changer is her middle name, as Courtney prioritises service that is personable, out of the ordinary, and scalable for a younger market of entrepreneurs. With over 12 years of experience in public accounting, working with ASX listed companies, Courtney saw a gap in the market and is now dedicated to demystifying effective business strategy.

With Courtney comes her people-centric mindset and knack for nurturing brands created by people, for people. In between empowering brands and making lasting consumer connections, she is crunching numbers to combine creativity with productive innovation.

A people person through and through, Courtney works to hone in on the true essence of a business, nurturing brands created by people, for people. Your brand is in the safest of hands, thanks to her catalogue of experience and results-driven approach to business modelling and growth.

Whether you are an emerging label, an established brand, or a spicy margarita, Courtney has your full attention. Enquire within to transform your business into a legacy brand.


Peyton Hutchins - Marketing Director, pland Business Studio - About Us 

PEYTON (she/her)



Bachelor of Journalism, Bond University 2020
Brand Identity & Strategy Program, IE Business School 2021


Peyton is the resident Marketing Director at pland. A storyteller at heart, Peyton toys with words and constructs cutting-edge creative strategy to deliver impressive results. Dynamic, the name of Peyton's game as she makes waves in the fashion marketing space, leading brands out of their comfort zones to take creative risks. On the pland home front, Peyton is dedicated to pushing the envelope and bettering the fashion community from all sides.


When she's not busy quoting Hamilton, Peyton immerses herself in shifting digital and cultural phenomena to advance her own and her client's knowledge in consumer desire, patterns and behaviours. Having worked previously as a journalist and writer, she has her finger permanently on the pulse of what's new, trending, and developing in the fashion and lifestyle spheres.


There is never a dull moment with Peyton around - she'll have you dancing in your seat or visualising her latest performance piece concept in a heartbeat. She has imagination to boot - harnessing that creativity combined with a strategic business mindset is her secret to converting wild dreams into feasible plans.

Channa-Mae Frankson - Lead Creative, pland Business Studio - About Us


CHANNA-MAE (she/her)



Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Interior Architecture), Victoria University of Wellington 2015
Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington 2016
Channa-Mae is Lead Creative at pland, a title she has truly run with. Creating captivating digital content is her game, as she is responsible for taking the craziest of ideas and making them look visually appealing.
She puts the 'Chan' in 'merchandising' - Chan has a sixth sense for powerful visuals, from brand collateral to digital design. With an interior architecture and design background, she makes even the most simple concepts look and feel exciting. The art of constructing a brand's visual identity is all in a day's work, fuelled by coffee and eternal curiosity.
Chan is in a constant state of change and learning, always fascinated by the creative process. She has found her home at pland, where she floors the rest of the team with her ingenuity. 
Emily Coogan - Head of Media and Brand Storyteller, pland Business Studio - About Us 

EMILY (she/her)



Bachelor of Journalism, Queensland University of Technology 2022

Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Queensland University of Technology 2022


Emily is pland's copywriter and wordsmith. Born to write yet living for fashion, she has a knack for putting your brand into words. Emily is a lover of language, inspired by its power to inspire creativity and ignite discussion.
Coming from a legal background, Emily is highly analytical and looks at issues from all sides. Experience in public relations means she has developed a comprehensive approach to branding - tailoring communication to each client, customer, and collection. In addition, Emily's healthy obsession with social media has found its place at pland, where she can track trends and analyse marketing tactics to benefit clients.

She brings to the table a level of cultural and social awareness necessary to execute clever creative strategy. Emily enjoys learning more about the always buzzing, never boring world around her. Of all the words and letters she peruses daily, Emily's favourite acronyms are G&T and WFH.